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Ayla Crystals



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Our crystal rings are made with genuine, beautiful crystals that hold powerful natural energy.

Wear your heart crystal ring to align its energy with your purpose.

Diameter: The ring is adjustable, so it fits all sizes.

Material: Sterling silver band

About Lapis Lazuli

A stone of royalty and spirituality, it carries the vibration of inner ‘king’ or ‘queen’ that is within each of us. It is the crystal to awaken that aspect of the self and aid in your deep inner journey.

It activates the psychic centres at the third eye, to develop enhanced intuition.


“I claim the power of my inner self, and align myself with my highest truth”.

Care Instructions

Our pieces are all made with natural gemstones and precious
metals. When not in use, we recommend that our beautiful pieces be kept in a box or soft pouch as this will reduce tarnishing.

We do not recommend that you wear them whilst sleeping, showering or doing exercise. In order to keep them at their most beautiful, clean with a soft cloth and do not expose to harsh cleaning products. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels
to clean as they can cause scratching.

Natural gemstones may contain
internal inclusions, uneven surfaces and variations in colour. No two gems are the same, adding to their beauty and uniqueness.

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